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Powered Parachute (PPC)

Powered Parachute (PPC)

About PPC, Pilot Training

For South Africa you need a valid SAHPA/RAASA Pilots license. What is PPC, Powered parachute. Normally it will be a old style Sq Chute trike, steerable by your feet. Also it is normally a big tandem unit. In SA we still classify all tandem trikes as PPC’s, (soon it will change)

PPG Training Steps

  • Purchase a temporary (training) membership to SAHPA.
    • This can be done through schools with instructor assistance.
    • It allows you to start flying under instructor supervision.
    • The membership is valid for 6 months.
    • Includes Third Party Liability Insurance
    • Includes your PPC Theory Test
  • Purchase a PPC Training Manual (from your instructor).
    • It is optional.
    • The book, entitled “The Powered Paragliding Bible” by Jeff Goin.
  • You also need to acquire a suitable airband radio, headset and helmet  *(see cost on school intro course)
    • Ask your instructor for recommendations
  • Training Proses:
    • Start the ground school training first with out wing, engine control, steering etc.
    • Learn to pull-up and kite the wing and control it overhead (usually 2 hours training required)
    • Complete a MINIMUM of 10 hours of flying. (with est. Hours tandem instruction)
    • Write the two theory tests at home, at your own leisure
    • Do the Aeronautical Radio Course, at any stage during your training
  • Once everything has been completed, your instructor will apply to SAHPA for your PPC Pilot License
  • You will need to submit your flight log-book, and get any instructor  to sign the paperwork.
  • Upgrade your SAHPA membership to full membership (valid for one year from the start of your student membership)
  • Each year you will renew your license and SAHPA membership
  • Duration: You should be able to complete the full course in one to four months part-time (evenings and weekends), depending on the effort you put in, the time you make available and the weather.

Detail description of courses, R15,000*  (T&Cs apply)
All training on your own equipment
EAFS logbook with training modules and training schedules
PPC Theoretical Training (+- 3 Hours)
All Ground training (est. 5 hours)
All Ground Engine training (est.2hours)
First Flight preparation
Marking and corrections of exams (+- 3 Hours)
Completing of min 10 hours (est. 30min per flight)
Student pack
Restricted Radio license
SAHPA Student fees (est. R440), valid for six (6) months


Temporary Grassland Club fees (R1800) or R600 for country members
Any out of town cost, traveling and accommodation.

Available extras

  • “Power paragliding Bible” from Jeff Goin, and DVD  – R1,200 (excluding VAT) various DVD’s and books also available
  • Onsite training, at your place or area
  • Coastal  accelerated courses available
  • You are welcome to shop at Grassland for any paragliding pilot clothing and accessories